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Perhaps the most popular depiction of the ogbazuluobodo in Igbo culture is Chinua Achebe’s, in his novel Arrow of God. This journal retains two important senses deducible from the ogbazuluobodo phenomenon in Igbo Culture – a multidisciplinary vision and a deep sense of communal responsibility. Ogbazuluobodo Journal (ISSN: 2735-9204 [print], ISSN: 2756-5300 [online]) is supported and published by The Grace Uzoma Okonkwo Foundation.

Its intensely multidisciplinary vision means that the journal accepts papers from different disciplines, different areas of human knowledge and intellection. The journal is inclined towards researches that show deep responsibility in addressing the problems that confront contemporary human society. Published online and also in print, Ogbazuluobodo is a biannual journal that provides a thinking space for multidisciplinary reflections on contemporary issues. The journal also accepts well-written book reviews, provided the book reviewed is of decent quality.

E-ISSN: 2756-5300 

ISSN:    2735-9204 


For Authors

Ogbazuluobodo is published twice a year (March and December). Whereas our March number usually features suitable papers presented during our annual international conference often held in March of the previous year, our December number usually comprises papers submitted in reaction to a special call for papers that goes out around April. Please do keep these dates in mind and check our website for information regarding a forthcoming international conference or our special call for papers.

We accept original and well-researched articles between 4000 to 7000 words and book reviews not more than 2000 words. Submissions should be sent to graceuzomaokonkwofoundation@unn.edu.ng. The articles and reviews should be in full compliance with the style sheet of the discipline of the author. The editorial board will be more interested in satisfying itself that the author has been faithful to the current style sheet in their discipline. Submitted papers will be subjected to blind peer review and only papers with positive comments will be published. For emphasis, the journal has zero tolerance for plagiarism and would blacklist any author found guilty of such. Submitted papers would in fact be run through a plagiarism checker.

Papers written in languages other than English should be accompanied with an additional English translation of the abstract.

We look forward to receiving your paper.